Tibbitt to Contwoyto

Each year, the North’s mining industry constructs what is arguably the world’s longest heavy haul ice road, which stretches 600 kilometres (360 miles) into Canada’s northern tundra. It is a region served by no other highways and for 10 months of the year accessible only by air.

Over the past 28 years of the ice road’s history road constructors and drivers as well as the Northern residents have become quite accustomed to this northern transportation method. However with the release of the Ice Road Truckers series (which first aired in 2007) more and more general public interest has been expressed with regards to this road

While this show may have added some spice to the story of how ice roads are operated, the facts are important to help the public understand that this is one of the safest highways in Canada. For example, in 2007 almost 11,000 truckloads were hauled and there were only nine minor incidents which resulted in only one minor injury.

The safe nature of the road can be accounted for by:

  • Making safety our highest value
  • Applying construction and operational expertise and backing it with quality assurance /quality control high tech engineering
  • Applying very stringent Regulations and Rules of the Road, that includes mandatory orientation training for all drivers and workers
  • Independent enforcement of these Regulations and Rules