Winter Road Status: Closed
Haul traffic on the JV TCWR is completed for the season. Thanks to all for a safe and successful season.

Tibbitt to Contwoyto

The Tibbitt to Contwoyto Winter Road (TCWR) begins at Tibbitt Lake which is the end of Highway 4, known as the Ingraham Trail. The Winter Road travels north for approximately 400 kms which is 85% over ice with the remaining 15% travelling on overland portages. There are 3 maintenance camps located along the 400 kms of the Winter Road. With the majority of the Winter Road constructed over ice, the road must be rebuilt each year. Construction normally starts in mid December with an expected opening date of February 01st. The Winter Road is approximately 50 metres (160 feet) wide on ice and 12 to 15 metres (25 to 45 feet) on portages. The portages are snow-packed and flooded to build a minimum of 4 inches of ice on the surface. Before the Winter Road officially opens, it must reach a minimum of 29 inches of ice. As the ice thickness increases, the load capacity for freight increases. When a minimum of 39 inches is reached, the road is open to full load capacity. The Winter Road builders monitor and maintain the road to ensure that it meets all requirements for the respective freight loads.

2024 Winter Road Season

6400 Loads Complete
Percent Complete